Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Let's Make a Teal - Teal Green Nails

Lovely readers,
I saw a picture of this nail polish a long time ago and ever since I wanted it so badly.
It was "Let's Make a Teal" from The Balm (which if you read my blog often, you know is a company I love) but their shipping is kind of outrageous. And I wasn't going to order just a nail polish...

**This brand goes on sale on Hautelook sometimes which is a flash sale site. I usually get it when it's there to save some money and pay reasonable shipping. Signing up is free and you get access to great designer brands that go on sale, including Steve Madden, Wildfox Couture and BCBG.
Check out Hautelook at the link below!

But The Balm recently had a 50% of everything sale and I definitely picked up some stuff because it totally made their kind of excessive shipping costs ($26 to ship to Canada and they're located in the US??!) worth it. I do understand though, they are a small company which means they have to protect themselves when shipping products and for cosmetics 50% off is an amazing sale. I got two of their Hot Ticket nail polishes, which get great reviews as far as I know.

Hot Ticket Nail Polishes ($10)  in "Let's Make a Teal" and "Call me Iridescent" 

I finally got to pick up the nail polish I wanted to try and I picked up a shimmery colour so I could try out a different formula as well. 

As you can see, it's a gorgrous teal blue-green colour. Creamy finish, no shimmer. Very smooth formula and great pigmentation! Honestly, for most of nails this is just one coat! That's impressive, for me at least, because I absolutely need two coats of any OPI polish I use and they are more expensive than these.
The Balm Hot Ticket polishes are usually $10 but I got them for $5 each so they were a great deal. However, knowing how awesome these are, I would absolutely pay $10 for them because the quality is definitely there. And considering brands like OPI ($12 a bottle), Butter London ($17 a bottle!) or even Essie, a supposed drugstore brand, ($11 a bottle) - these are actually very reasonably priced.
The bottle looks small but holds about 14 mL while an OPI bottle which seems much larger holds 15mL. 
So it's compact but doesn't skimp on product which is always nice.
These are definitely a win for me, I love them and suggest you try them out too!

Just a Few Things...
  • I can't wait to try out the other nail polish I got! It looks so pretty.
  • I got a ton of other stuff too that I should review including an awesome palette and some skincare items pictured below
I am so excited to use this stuff! 
  • I have already tried the White Tea Coconut Milk Cleansing Face Cream  (in the pink bottle) and while I've only used it once and can't officially review it, I do LOVE it so far. Smells great and it's so moisturizing.
  • The included a cute fact about coconuts on the top of the box: "In the US, you can write an address on a coconut, attach the correct postage and drop it in the mail!"
  • The candle burning in the above picture: Peach Bellini from Bath and Body Works. Amazing!
  • I have heard amazing things about the Balm Jovi palette, pictured above, for so long. I cannot wait to use it. And it's so slim and travel friendly. 
As always, thanks for reading!

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