Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Holiday Nails (Post #1): Gold Rush

Hello makeup-lovers,
I am dutifully trying my best to keep this little blog-o-mine going. It's not easy (as is probably obvious from the time of night that I'm writing this) but nevertheless I'm trying.
I thought I would do a quick holiday nail polish post.

I get into Christmas and the holiday season SUPER early and dear god, it irritates anyone and everyone who knows me. Seriously, the second week in November, we had our decorations up at my house and I broke out the festive nails! I love festive/holiday/Christmas themed nails. I would say maybe a quarter of my entire nail polish collection. which has become rather large (maybe a nail polish collection blog?) is either a holiday colour OR it came directly from a holiday collection.

I decided I wanted to go all out with my nails and do a gold base with a glitter overlay just on the top parts.
I think it came out really nice!
I used two OPI by Sephora colours.
The base gold is called "Keep Me on my Mistletoes" and it's from the OPI Glimmer Wonderland Collection 
The gold glitter polish is "Only Gold For Me Top Top Coat" which I believe is a permanent colour.

I only did the glitter right near the tops of my nails so
 it almost looks like a glitter french manicure! 
Tip: Try not to create a harsh line with the glitter. Fade it downward.

Both these polishes are very smooth and opaque.
 You barely need two coats of "Misteltoes" to get the job done.
It has a smooth, shiny formula. It's gorgeous and subtle worn alone. 
The glitter top coat spreads nicely (for a glitter polish) and is surprisingly easy to work with.

Just a Few Things...

  • I know all my posts have been super quick, short posts lately. However I do have a post coming up soon about the things I got from the MAC Glitter and Ice Holiday Collection! 
  • Makeup swatches are difficult to photograph because I blog at night and have zero suitable lighting.
  • I forsee many more festive/holiday nail posts- I do love my Christmas colours (I have another one already photographed).
  • Picked up the holiday issue of Chatelaine and I think I will try out some of the recipes :)
  • I have no idea what to get my dad and Jon (my boyfriend) for Christmas, boys are so hard to shop for. Poo.
  • I am so close to being done this semester. So. Close. 
Thanks for reading!
-Tash <3

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