Monday, 14 November 2011

Bold Lip of the Moment: "Rebel" by MAC

Hello all!
I just wanted to update. I have failed at blogging for a while- but school is crazy for me right now.
I just wanted to share a bold lip of the moment with you all.
Rebel by MAC is a beautiful lipstick- it looks dark purple in the tube but when worn it looks like a bright fuschia pink/purple colour. It's extremely bright, so it's not for the timid- but it is totally worth the risk!
Try it out, you may surprise yourself!

 Just a few things...
  • Yea, I take pictures in my bathroom- lighting's best in there... don't hate.
  • Blogging requires commitment, something I need to work on.
  • Exactly 17 days until I get off for Christmas break, WOOT.
  • Tonight's episode of How I Met Your Mother was so sad- but so good!
  • I am already coming up with holiday themed looks in my head... 

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