Friday, 20 July 2012

Barbie Pink Glitter Nails!

Hello lovely readers,
I'm back again with a really cute nail post!
I personally love how this turned out and will most likely do my nails like this again really soon.
It's a cute take on Barbie pink, glitter nails!

I love this! So girly and pink, definitely a look I wear a lot. I used a darker pink on three nails and accented my two middle nails with a milky, lighter pink polish. I also covered my accent nails with a chunky silver glitter to really make them pop and finish off the look. 

From left to right: Wet'n'Wild "Sugar Coat" and "Candylicious"
Essie "Set in Stones" 

I love the way this Essie polish applies, very smooth despite being a chunky glitter polish. I definitely finished this nail look and gave my accent nails a really cute sparkle. Bonus: most chunky glitters are super hard to get off which means I don't wear as often as I'd like to. But when I was ready I just peeled my accent nails off in one go and it was effortless! I think that the thick, clear base of the glitter polish causes your nail polish to peel off as one piece. 

I set everything with a clear top coat which is especially important when using glitter because it can make your nails can feel rough. Overall, a very cute, girly look for summer with a touch of sparkle! I will be wearing this again for sure!

Just a Few Things..
  • Speaking of, should I do a post when I get back with some pictures from my vacation? Maybe one before I go of what my travel makeup bag looks like? Let me know if you'd like to see that!
  • Working on a really quick, and easy summer eye look post that I've been wearing non-stop lately. 
  • I think it's official. I just put How I Met Your Mother on even if I don't really want to watch. It's comforting. Such a great show, definitely my favourite!
  • Recently took Wet'n'Wild's "Club Havana" nail polish off my toenails which looked amazing. I am considering painting them with the "Candylicious" colour from above. 
  • I've already got a big floppy, beachy sun hat. I'm going to wear it to the airport. Yea, I'm gonna be that girl at the airport - the one who's clearly on her way to a tropical vacation and doesn't care if anyone knows it.
  • Now I'm rethinking wearing that- it might be a pain at security checks...
  • Can you tell I'm excited? Geez, shut up already about it, Tash.
  • I love anyone and everyone who actually reads my blog. lol
Anyway, as always thanks for reading!

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