Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Nail Post: Summer Sunshine!

Hello all,
I have a nail post for you lovely readers.
I love nothing more than wearing bright nail polish in the summer, I think it's always a great way to compliment an outfit and really make a statement about your style.
So without further ado, my brightest nail colour yet...

Readers, meet Essence Colour and Go nail polish in "Wanna be your Sunshine"-
aptly named I would say. Essence is a bargain drugstore brand that just recently came to Canada (was only in the US before) and can be found in Shopper Drug Mart now! This polish was only $1.49! Crazy right?

I also used Essie's "Shine of the Times" over my fourth nail for an accent. It's a really beautiful holographic glitter polish that sparkles gold, pink, orange, green, yellow and is to date the most unique nail polish that I own. It's just so hard to describe. 

The Essie polish reflects light gorgeously. Not that this yellow polish needs it.  

All in all, I am liking the nail polishes I have tried from Essence so far! It's not often that a company puts out a yellow that's not too mustard or too green, but can also be opaque in just two coats. Essence made one that does both, which is impressive in my opinion. I have a yellow from OPI that doesn't even do that. Score one for Shoppers Drug Mart and welcome to Canada, Essence!

Thanks for reading!

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