Thursday, 4 October 2012

Purple and Gold: "Triaccent" Glitter Nails!

Shit. School starts and I always drop the ball here.
Well here's a quick nail post that I knew I wanted to do when I saw the tutorial for it.
Leighannsays is one of my favourite Youtubers, she is hilarious.
Check out her video that shows you exactly how to do this nail look.
Btw, that's why I'm only going to briefly explain how I did the design here because a) it wasn't my idea and b) the video shows it way better than I could ever describe it.

Left to right: Essie "Bahama Mama" China Glaze "I'm not Lion" and Revlon "Facets of Fuchsia"

Leighann calls these "triaccent" nails and they are so easy to do and make your nails look amazing!
I used two coats of Essie's "Bahama Mama" which I love for this fall season by the way. 
The China Glaze glitter polish obviously for the triangles and I have to say I am really impressed with China Glaze glitter polishes. This is the second one I have and I have really fallen in love with both.
 I used the Revlon polish just over my thumb. Revlon's "Facets of Fuchsia was limited edition but I'm so, so glad I got it. Best glitter polish ever created, it works seamlessly on top of any dark colour. You can see that because the purple glitter is in a dark base that it makes my thumbnail look darker than the rest of my nails. I'm considering doing a whole post for it this polish, that's how much I love it. If you can get your hands on it, buy it!

Candle: "Pumpkin Cupcake" from Bath and Body Works. 
Smells so amazing!

The glitter accent was really easy to do but it looks like it would take time and effort, which is why I love this look. It only requires two pieces of scotch tape placed along your nail to create a triangle. 

Anyway, I know this post is short and to the point but school is killing me right now.
Hope everyone enjoyed the post and try it out for yourself!
Thanks for reading!


  1. i'm so impatient doing my nails so i rarely put designs on them but these are so cute with that pop of glitter! awesome job :)

    1. I'm glad you liked the post! :) You should try it out, I'm terrible at painting my nails but this was surprisingly easy. Thanks for reading, Vicky!

  2. I tried the Tiaccent nails recently too (, so easy and the effect is so pretty!

    I love your Revlon polish, and the China Glaze looks amazing too, I might try to find this one ;)