Sunday, 14 October 2012

New *Limited Edition* Colour Tattoos!

Hey again!
I'm being productive today but in all the wrong places. And I like it.
For example, my lovely boyfriend got me a new camera for my birthday (Canon Powershot A2300). And I figured I'd see how it worked by photographing a blog post. It cut my time in half because the focus alone is 10x better on this camera and it finally actually focuses on the product and not the stupid thing behind it.

Maybelline put out eight new shades of the Colour Tattoo cream eyeshadows that are limited edition with their fall collection and I thought I'd review them for you!

That's the view out of my new window! I recently switched rooms and I'm loving the extra space.

*Side note: I didn't write a post on the Colour Tattoos when they first came out for two reasons.
1). They were so widely loved and talked about, I didn't see the point
2). I was REALLY lazy to photograph all those cream eyeshadows, there are a lot of them,

Anyway, long story short, they are cream eyeshadows and I love them! They are pigmented, smooth and they do not crease at all! I need makeup removed to get them off, they are extremely long wearing.

I was dying for the jewel tones that were coming out with this fall collection (a deep purple, blue, etc.) but I haven't seen them anywhere so they might not be coming to Canada which totally sucks monkey balls. However, I did pick up the four more neutral ones that have popped in Shopper Drug Mart recently.

They are truly gorgeous fall shades that will be great for the season.

Above: #100: Barely Beige
The complaint I had when the Colour Tattoos first came out was that there wasn't really a nude/champagne colour. They had "Too Cool" which was a really stark white so I found it difficult to wear. 


 I guess Maybelline realized that too and here we have "Barely Beige" which oddly enough comes of much more pink than it actually is in these pictures. It's a great cream/champagne colour with pink undertones. It's really easy and makes a great base or quick eyeshadow for those days you just need to get out the door quickly. It's shimmery but that doesn't bother me personally.

Above: #200: Mossy Green
I was so excited for this one! It's such a great fall colour and really wearable too.

It's dark, yes but it would make the great beginning for an olive smokey eye. It has a beautiful gold shimmer running through which can lighten it a little, so don't be afraid to try this one!

Above: #300: Gold Shimmer
A lot of people say this is very close the "Bold Gold" colour that they have in the permanent collection but I can't make the comparison because I didn't pick that one up. It looked to much like MAC's "Indianwood" paint pot which I do own for me to justify buying it. 

This however is much darker than "Indianwood" and it has an amazing multi-faceted shimmer which makes so beautiful when worn alone. I love using this day to day for a really beautiful shimmery eye look. This might be my favourite of the new four.

 Above: #400: Rich Mahogany
The other colour I wished had come out with the permanent collection was a really rich dark brown and apparently Maybelline agreed with me again.

 This colour is a really great deep brown with shimmer with a sort of purple/burgandy shimmer running through it, which is why it looks kind of purple in the pictures. It's gorgrous! It would make a great smokey eye for fall or used lightly in the crease it could provide definition.

All four of these limited edition shades have shimmer in them, in case you haven't noticed so if you're not a fan of that- steer clear of these.
They have the same great pigmented, long lasting formula as the regular Colour Tattoos and the same great creamy texture. 
I love all four of these new shades and if you like what you see here- go get some soon! They won't be around for long and they're going fast. I had to go to four different Shopper Drug Marts to find all four shades (a sad example of how I spend my spare time). All for you, blog readers. All for you.  

Just a Few Things...
  • This new camera makes photographing for blog posts so easy! Too bad with my reading week ending this won't increase my blog post output. Sorry :(
  • I think when I do have the time, my next post will be a round-up of some great palettes for the fall seaason, including some old favourites and some new palettes from Urban Decay and Lorac.
  • I had an amazing birthday celebration (shopping and dinner) with some of my best friends (Sarah and Steffy!) yesterday and got some really cute clothes! 
  • I'm already so excited for Christmas! I don't know what it is! The baking, the decorations, spending time with my family, Christmas music, being on break from school- there's just so much to love about the holidays :) 
  • I'm kind of sad all the time lately (I'm not depressed, relax) and I can't figure out why. Maybe the weather change? 
Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!


  1. I'm gonna buy the olive tobed one and give it a tryyy:)

    1. It's really pretty, you should definitely get it! :)