Saturday, 26 February 2011

Up&Coming and Just a few things...

I have many ideas for blog posts- but my reading week is over which means
school work will most likely take priority numero uno. 
But look out for up and coming posts such as:
  • An in-depth post about mascara and tips to get great eyelashes
  • Tips on how to shop in a drugstore effectively and my favourite items from different drugstore brands
  • More nail polish (OPI and Essie) swatches and reviews
  • Reviews in general on beauty/makeup products both drugstore and high-end
  • The start of the look-book which will be a collection of makeup looks
  • Tutorials? 
So don't go anywhere- I promise they're coming. 

Just a few things...
  • Had a timmy's date with the girls (my fabulous friends) today and it was very nice :)
  • Picked up a new concealer and an Essie nail polish to review the colour and brand. I have never even seen Essie in a Shoppers before but I have heard very good things.
  • I am so not ready to go back to school after having a week off. I really needed it but school is just killing me lately. Deadlines are not jive. Yes, not JIVE.
  • Work tomorrow means my last day to sleep in is wasted... psh.
  • If it weren't for my dog- I could never be home alone. I'm just not as resourceful as Macaulay Culkin. Oh well, I live in Scarborough, it's not like toy cars and paint cans would save me anyway. 
Thanks for reading!
Tash <3

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