Monday, 12 December 2011

Holiday Nails (Post #4): Candy Striper!

Hey all,
Thought I'd do another quick holiday nails post, while there's still time!
I haven't yet shown you guys my #1 favourite holiday polish of all time, which makes me so sad!
I got it last year from OPI's holiday collection and I wish I could wear it every single day of the year but I can't because it just screams Christmas and holidays and festiveness! :) Despite that, it's still my very favourite nail polish that I own. It will be my next "Holiday Nails" post. Pinky Swear.
In the meantime, keep on guessing and enjoy this post.
I really enjoy how this look came out, I think it looked so festive and cute.

A deep red nail with a candy cane striped accent nail! 

I used the "Salon Effects" nail polish strips in "Peppermint Twist" for the accent nail. It's part of their limited edition Christmas designs. I knew I had to try this design when I saw it. I love these "Salon Effects" design sticker thingys. They're a little pricey but you get a lot of strips with it and they come in the best designs. The look really good, my only complaint is that these do not nearly last 10 days. I wish they would strengthen whatever adhesive they use for the back of these.

 The Essie nail polish is "Bordeaux" which is actually a very deep red with no shimmer. But I wanted this to be more of an apple red, to match the red in the striped nail. So I was a light on the polish, applying only one coat and touching up in certain placed that needed it.

Excuse my tiny, short nails. A couple started breaking
recently so I had to cut them all down.
I was on my way out to my aunt's baking party (which you will probably see a post on) when I shot these so try not to mind the lighting or the kinda crappy nail job. It's the thought that counts, right? 

Anyway, do you guys like my shirt? Lol I say this as a joke all the time and I'm sure everyone is probably irritated by it now. I just think it's funny and I love this t-shirt. Unfortunately, my very brown, Caribbean family did not get it. Trying to explain it to them made for some good laughs though.

In case you can't read backwards, it says:
"Come at me bro"

Thanks for reading! Bye guys! 
-Tash <3

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