Monday, 5 November 2012

Bold Lips: Glamourous Red!

Hello lovelies!
It's been a while since I've done a bold lip blog post so I thought I'd get one in.
Plus as we get closer to the holidays, I figure I'd do a glamourous red lip that you could totally rock at the Christmas/holiday parties this year. I love deeper berry tones lip around this time of year. It's just so festive.

Meet my new favourite red lipstick. "Refined Ruby" (#337) from L'oreal's Infallible collection.
It's really gorgeous and rich not to mention because it's from the Infallible line, it's really long-wearing which is great. It's such a hassle when you wear a bright colour that comes off easily because you have to maintain it all day. This didn't give me any trouble at all and most of the time at the end of the day I have to use a makeup wipe to get it off.

It's a really smooth texture and doesn't drag at all. It almost stains your lips, making it really long-wearing and low maintenance. 

The colour can really make your look much more complete. I'm wearing very little eye makeup in these pictures and the lipstick is enough to really make an impression. Which makes it perfect for a busy holiday season when you want to look pretty and festive without a ton of work.

Anyway, I love this lipstick and I highly reccomend anyone looking for a glamourous/pin-up red try this one out and best of all it's a drugstore brand so it's very affordable. Let me know with a tweet (@TashaSinghxx) or a comment if you like it! 

 Just a Few Things...
  •  I am nervous to take my grad photos Thursday, but more so I can't believe I'm actually taking grad photos. Where did the last three years of university go?!!?
  • Pet peeve: I really hate people who complain and whine about Christmas music/commercials/decorations being used way too early. Just stop being so grinchy and enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones. 
  • On a much better, cheerier note- the Starbucks Christmas drinks are back! Every year I indulge in the delicious, Christmasy delight of Gingerbread lattes (made with tea because I don't drink coffee). They are so so so so addictive! I think I might try the Peppermint Hot Chocolate or the Caramel Brulee this year too. :)
  • School stress is killing me. I say that every year. But this year really is particularly bad.
  • Got the new Galaxy SIII and I really enjoy it. Makes one hand texting hard. 

Thanks for reading!

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