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Luxebox Review!

 Hello my lovely readers,
As promised, here is a blog dedicated to Luxebox for you all. Trust me, keep reading, it's an amazing opportunity!
If you don't know what Luxebox is, then you've been missing out!
Luxebox is a service by the company Loosebutton and when you sign up, they send a box filled with beauty and skincare samples to your door, every month!
The box is beautifully packaged and customized to you (which we'll get to later) and usually there are 4-5 deluxe sample or travel sized items for you to try.
You can just get it for one month just to try, or pay for a 3 month period. Or you can do it the way I do it, which is to pay month by month (I have had about 4 Luxeboxes at this point) and you have the option to cancel your subscription whenever you like.
It costs $12 a month, which in my opinon is SO worth it for what you get, and shipping is free, which is a nice plus.
If I have already piqued your interest and you want to sign up, go to their website!

To be honest, I can't rave enough about this service- I absolutely love it! It's like getting a birthday present every month. And they never cheap out on products or the packaging. I always get a very decent size of everything and they include brands that you would actually want to try as well. And it's just packaged so beautifully I can't bring myself to throw out the boxes. They're beginning to pile up in my bedroom...

Speaking of packaging, and you'll have to forgive mine since I've already ripped into it, your Luxebox comes with a sticker on the wrapping with your name on it! Wrapped up in tissue paper inside a open-faced box that slides out of another box.

The cute pattern of Loosebutton's logo on the inside the box!

These are few shots of my November Luxebox (I am excitedly awaiting my December version!) It was full of wonderful items, I fell in love with a few and plan to purchase the full sizes. Every Luxebox also comes with a card from the company, describing the items you got, including what the full size of that item costs. 

 Items included in my November Luxebox: 
  • Prada Candy fragrance sample- Haven`t tried yet. I like to save these little sample perfumes for travelling. If it smells like the lotion (which I would assume it would, they're the same scent, duh) then I will like it.
  • Prada Candy Body Lotion- I`m terrible at describing scents but I can try. It smells sweet but not floral. More like a vanilla sweetness. It's also quite musky. I like it.
  • Morroccanoil Styling Cream- LOVE. So great, makes my hair manageable and smooth. Just love it for dealing with my thick hair and flyaways. Will repurchase
  • Benefit Moisture Prep Toning Lotion- More on this below, but LOVE and will repurchase.
  • Pur Minerals Neutralizing foundation primer- More on this below but also LOVE and will repurchase.
  • Teaopia Cactus Fig Tea Kit- unfortunately haven`t had the time to try it yet. Must do that soon.
  • Olay Regenerist face cream- Haven`t tried yet.

Woo, that was a lot to list. A lot of my Luxeboxes come with nice little bonuses. For example, the Prada fragrance sample, Olay face cream and Teaopia brewing kit were all bonuses in my box this month! One month I got a full sized China Glaze Crackle nail polish and another month there was a Hershey`s Kiss in my box. These little surprises are so fun and cute :)

Also I`d like to note the sizes. That Morroccanoil Styling Cream is HUGE, I won`t use it up for a long time. Last month I got the Morroccanoil Hair Treatment in my box, and I haven`t even used a quarter of the bottle since then. I am particularly happy about this because tiny little samples, that come in plastic packets don`t truly give you the opportunity to get a feeling for the product and decide whether or not you like it. These sizes last quite a long time and give you an opportunity to really get to know the product. Morroccanoil was a brand I'd been dying to try, but never did, as it was rather pricey. Luxebox has given me the opportunity to try two different things from the line. 

The Moisture Prep Toning Lotion is from Benefit Cosmetics new skincare line. Note: the bottle is empty because I couldn`t wait to blog and used it all up! I love this! It`s a toning lotion that you use on your face before moisturizer. It`s not like cleansing toners, that sting- it has a cool feeling. It is a water product but it has an almost gel-like consistency. It feels great and it really helps your moisturizer smooth on without pulling at your skin. I used this all November and I feel like it has brightened my complexion considerably. And quickly, I really love the packaging. The glass bottle it came in is beautiful, I will have to find something to use it for. I am definitely going to purchase the full size.

This is a great primer. It is smooth and creamy. A little goes a long way. Even with this small bottle, two pumps does my entire face, so it will take me a while to use this up. It helps foundation to smooth on and blend out over your skin so easily. The only downside is that it smells a little strange. The scent is not overpowering and it goes away in a minute (you don`t smell it one your face all day). But I find that most primers smell a little strange. Anyone else?

Candle burning in background: Slatkin&Co. Homemade Cookies
From Bath and Body Works. Best scented candle ever.
I can't wait to try this! I love tea :)

So long story short:
If it's not obvious, I love Luxebox so much! I think it's a great service at a very reasonable price. And if you love beauty as much as I do, Luxebox gives you a great opportunity to try out a wide array of brands that you might not otherwise be able to afford. Think about it like this. It's hard to go in and spend a lot of money on a product that you might not like. Luxebox helps eliminate some of the guesswork. 
This blog post sounds like a huge commercial for Luxebox but that's only because I really do love the service and everything it stands for. And if you haven't tried it yet, I suggest you try it, if only for a month.
Here's the link again, in case this blog post has convinced you.

 The products you get are great quality and worth much more than you pay. It'll be the best $12 you ever spent.

Just a Few Things...
  • This post was a lot more work that I initially thought it would be. Much like blogging in general is a lot more work that I thought it would be.
  • My dog just loves sitting on my feet. He weights like 80 lbs. at least. My feet are always numb.
  • God I love this "Homemade Cookies" candle from Bath and Body Works. So much. I have to pick up some more soon.
  • Slept past noon today since I'm off school finally. Makes me so happy. 
  • Found my red glitter from MAC. Holiday look soon?? :)

Thanks for reading!
-Tash <3 

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