Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Holiday Nails (Post #3): Sparkling Red Wine!

Another blog post?!?!?! Crazy right??
I am so on the ball. I have done it again (I am aware it's not even December yet and this is my third holiday nails post).
I used two polishes, both from the new "Spice it Up" 2011 Holiday Collection. I main colour I used was "552 Spice it Up" and I used "530 Glitz and Glam" as an accent of glitter on my middle nail.

Candle burning in the background: Slatkin&Co. Creamy Pumpkin
from Bath and Body Works (in the metal holder with snowflakes on it).

"Spice it Up" is a cranberry-burgundy red which is a great holiday colour. It has a gold shimmer in it that catches the light beautifully. I just love this nail polish, just looking at it reminds me of Christmas decorations and I get this cozy feeling inside. It's not at all a "gothy" dark tone, it's very elegant- it actually looks a lot like red wine. The best part? See how deep the colour is? ONE COAT. This only took me one coat to get it that opaque. WHAT? I don't even have OPI polishes that can do that! This is definitely going to be a staple in my nail polish collection, I absolutely love it (not to mention it's a great price).

"Glitz and Glam" is a fine pink glitter in a deep purple, almost burgundy base. The base colour is very close to "Spice it Up" so it layers over top very nicely (I haven't tried it on its own yet, so I can't attest to how many coats it would take to be opaque on its own). It creates a great accent nail. When layered over a dark red, the glitter takes on an almost red appearance so it blends right in and doesn't look out of place. 

Alrightey, that's it for this holiday nails post! These are a lot of fun to do.
I honestly can't wait for Christmas.
I need the time to finally relax a little and spend some time with my family. 
Thanks for reading!
-Tash <3

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