Monday, 28 November 2011

Holiday Nails (Post #2)- Chestnuts About You!

I am so proud of myself- for keeping up my blogging lately.
I SHOULD be doing homework right now, but that seems to be the only time I can effectively blog-
when it's really important for me to be doing something else.
I thought I'd share a quick post in my "Holiday Nails" series.

This polish is also from the Sephora by OPI holiday collection called Glimmer Wonderland and it's called "Chestnuts About You" which is such a cute name, I had to name the entire post after it.

I love this nail polish! It's a beautiful gold that shines pink. 
It applies beautifully because it's a very smooth polish, semi-thin polish.
But even though it's thin, still only took me two coats to get it opaque.

Despite being a pink-gold colour, this is actually really great for everyday wear. Whereas my first holiday nail post was very dramatic, this is a really beautiful almost neutrally type colour that you could wear all year, not just around the holidays.
Plus, without all the chunky glitter from the last post- this lasts about 94709482943 times longer without chipping.

Just a Few Things...
  • I found out today that my friend Breanne, has read some of my blog posts, so YAY someone is actually reading these!! Hey Breanne, if you're reading!!! :)
  • I'm considering doing Blogmas (where you blog everyday in December) which is crazy because I know I will fail, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't try... right? 
  • I seriously need to replace my digital camera. The lens won't even open properly anymore, geeeez.
  • Nail polish photographs so much easier than makeup, holy crap.
  • Is it cheating if I blog some pictures of makeup looks I did last year but never posted? I don't think so... :s

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