Thursday, 23 February 2012

Lookbook: Colourful Springtime Look

Good lord do I know how to fail at blogging eh?
Oh well. Reading week will yield as many posts as possible and after that, I can't promise anything.
I finally got around to photographing some eye looks that I really love.
This one is quite bold, not really your everyday, "just going grocery shopping look" unless this is what you were to go grocery shopping- in which case, you're awesome.

As the title suggests, I used a lot of springtime, bright fun colours for this look. Skipped the dark eyeliner on my top lid because my eyes are small and it tends to eclipse my makeup when I wear it. I did however tightline my upper waterline and lower waterline with black liner. 
*Tip: Always do that if you're going for a long, thick eyelashes. It instantly makes it look like your lashes are thicker, darker and longer.
Products used:

All the specific eyeshadows used are listed below.

Left: "Robin's Egg" MAC (matte, LE)  I love this colour so much.
Right: "Sharp" MAC, the bottom corner, lime green colour (satin, LE) 

Left: "Blue Had Me At Hello" palette by Wet'n'Wild (the bright teal colour stamped "eyelid")
Right: "Lust" palette by Wet'n'Wild (two dark purples along the left)
*Both of these palettes are drugstore, very affordable and GREAT value. The pigmentation is phenomenal.

I placed a bright yellow shadow (not pictured because I couldn't find it afterwards) in the inner corner of your eye and along the first quarter of my eyelid. I followed that with the lime green colour from MAC and blended the two colours together to prevent a line. Next I added "Robin's Egg" and the teal from the Wet'nWild palette on the middle to the edge of my lid and blended it in the with the green. It's REALLY important to blend every colour you use, especially when you do a colourful look, otherwise lines will be plainly visible.
I created the outer "v" shape with the light and dark purples from the "Lust" palette mixed together. I took those up into the crease of my eye and blended them out. I used the matte cream shade from the same palette as my highlight on my browbone. 
I mirrored the colours in the same places alone my lower lashline to balance out the look.
I skipped the black liner and just used some mascara. If I remember correctly I used Definicils by Lancome.
*Tip: Colourful looks like this tend to produce A LOT of fallout from the eyeshadows. You can see it, on the back of my lashes in the photo above. Be careful and pat eyeshadow on, don't swipe. And if it's really built up on your lashes, run your mascara behind your lashes as well to cover it up.

This is what happens when you try to photograph too many looks for blog posts, all in one day.
You end up looking like Two-Face. Fml.

Hope you guys enjoy this look and try it out!
-Tash <3

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