Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Review: Physician's Formula Nude Palette

Hello again makeup junkies,
I recently picked up a few palettes both drugstore and high-end and I noticed that recently there's a huge trend among most brands to release "nude" or "natural" palettes that contain a lot of browns, taupes, and champagne colours. People love palettes like that because they're easy to use, portable (travel-friendly) and convenient. Urban Decay has both the Naked and the Naked2 palettes, both of which I own and are fantastic and totally worth the money. However I recently saw a nude eyes palette from Physician's Formula and wanted to see if it was a comparable drugstore dupe.

I have to say the packaging alone is gorgeous! Light pink with a black lace overlay and bows, obviously I was in love. 

Colours range from light champagnes and pinks to medium browns and taupes with some darker browns and a black at the bottom. This is a perfect set-up for a nude palette because it give you enough options that you could also make a darker, smokey eye with it. It comes with an angled sponge-tip which you could use for some liner if you wanted. I think the palette costs about $10.

Bottom line
This looks strikingly similar to some of the high-end nude eye palettes I own so I had high hopes for it. Sadly, I can't say I love it. It could work for people with lighter skin than me maybe. But for my darker skin, the entire top half of the palette is not pigmented enough to even show up. The bottom half is alriiight I guess but I still had to pack it on. What I really didn't like is that these shadows were somewhat hard and I didn't like the consistency which made them harder to blend. It is probably also important to mention that all these shades are very shimmery and there are no matte shades in the whole palette which makes it harder to use on its own.
I have used mine twice at the most. I would use my Naked palettes any day over this. While I'm aware they are more expensive ($60) the quality is absolutely worth it. The shadows are creamy, almost like butter and blend beautifully. Not to mention, these palettes contain 12 shadows which makes each shadow only $5 a pop, not bad for Urban Decay. And hey, if you still can't bring yourself to spend $60 on makeup, I totally get it. Try an 8-pan palette from Wet'n'Wild (my absolute favourite drugstore brand for eyeshadow) called "Comfort Zone." Creamy shadows and great pigmentation and I'm pretty sure it only costs $4.99! So in the end, I would say MAYBE if you had really fair skin this could work for you. But if you have darker skin, don't bother. This will just sit in your makeup drawer. 
(It's occurring to me now just how many nude palettes I own. Maybe I'll do a post on all of my favourites, both high-end and drugstore).

Anyway, thanks for reading!
-Tash <3

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