Monday, 14 May 2012

"Picture Perfect" - Lilac Nails

I need to admit something. Can this be a safe space? Yeah, let's make this a safe space.
I have an embarrassingly large nail polish collection. Enormous. Gigantic. Hulk-sized if you will.
It's so bad. Not to mention, at any given moment I have about 8-10 unopened bottles I haven't even had the time to try yet. Sad, I know. Life of a makeup addict- don't be surprised if you see me on that show Hoarders someday. 
So I decided to shop my own collection and  break out some new ones to see what I thought. 

Essie's "She's Picture Perfect" is a creamy lilac purple shade with a somewhat strange duo-chrome of pink. It's easy to see when you look at the bottle but it's much more subtle when applied. 

I used China Glaze "Prism" for an accent nail. I got this polish in a Luxebox and it's a really great glitter nail polish. It's mostly fine and medium sized, multi-coloured glitter in a lilac base, so it was perfect over the Essie colour. It applies so smoothly, it's one of easiest glitter nail polishes I've ever tried. 

As this is my first time using both, I have to say I'm impressed. The Essie polish is a nice creamy colour with a pink twist but still not overwhelmingly special. I don't especially love how lilac looks next to my darker skin tone so maybe that's making it hard for me to love this polish. It's not terrible though and I'll probably keep it on for at least a couple of days. The "Prism" colour, however is really beautiful and  a new favourite for glitter polishes, I really love it!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading,
-Tash <3 

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