Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The nail polish that launched a thousand ships...

Holy shit. It's been forever and a day since I visited the blogosphere.
But here I am. Let's do this.
Summer is totally here (I mean not officially, but in my book as soon as it's slightly warm- summer).
So of course you all know I had to break out the summer nail polishes.
Here's one of my favourites for the summer by OPI.

Readers, meet Melon of Troy. Yes, this polish from OPI is actually called "Melon of Troy" - so cute.
It's obviously a melon-coral colour and its got a decent amount of shimmer mixed in. Not glitter, but a subtle shimmer that's gorgeous and makes the polish really reflective. 

The shimmer in this polish makes it somewhat more difficult to apply and it did take me 2-3 coats to get it completely opaque.

But c'mon. The end result is so totally worth it. C'est la vie, non?

Just a Few Things...
  • Despite the fact that my real obsessions lies with makeup, this blog is like 90% nail polish. How did that happen? Oh right, nail polish is 100, 000% easier to photograph. 
  • I do however have not one, but TWO makeup hauls photographed and they will be up shortly. Not to mention a skincare post as well. 
  • I got some new palettes from the UK (mentioned above) which are SO SO beautiful. I don't even want to use them they're so beautiful. God, I'm such a hoarder.
  • Revlon came out with some REALLY cute cream blushes in their summer collection. They look awesome. Can't bring myself to actually use them yet... *sigh
  • Every summer it's insane how much nail polish I collect. I just love summer colours.
  • Mad Men season finale was this past Sunday. So sad! I love that show so much. I think I may do a Joan inspired look soon
  • Stupid boyfriend's taking summer school (by choice) and he never sees me. Thus, you have a blog post!
  • Got an iPhone recently. Instagram: tashasingh10
That'll be all from me this time. As always, thanks for reading,
-Tash <3

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