Saturday, 19 May 2012

Bold Lips: Raspberry Popsicle!

Another bold lip post. I know, I know.
I just really enjoy these, I have a lot of lipsticks I really really love hopefully those who read my blog can find something they enjoy too!
So there's a story behind this lipstick. A friend of mine (Meghan) got tickets to go to a tradeshow for America's Next Top Model Live and invited me and another one of our friends (Sarah) to go with her. We had so much freakin' fun and they gave out tons of samples and free products. Excitedly, one of the booths was giving out free full-sized Benefit lipsticks and we all got one! So this post is about the lipstick I got there which is called "Sassy-frass."
Side note: There was a photobooth at Biore and they had props, we got some fun pictures there. I will add a few at the end of this post.

This is obviously a lipstick with some serious shine. I tend to stray away from lipsticks that are shimmery, they just aren't my taste. However there are no shimmers in this lipstick. It is very smooth and moisturizing and gives your lips that "just finished eating a cherry popsicle" look. Juicy, I guess is the best way to describe it, but that sounds weird. 

Funny thing about this lipstick is that it's somewhat like MAC's "Rebel" lipstick, which I own and love dearly. Like "Rebel" this lipstick is a very dark, almost black-purple in the tube but it comes across as much brighter on the lips. It looks like a raspberry pink when worn. So, it goes to show you- don't fear bright or dark lipsticks. Always try them on. You never know what you may end up loving. 

I should mention here that I love that with each Benefit lipstick, they include a little card that has a makeup saying or idea on it. The one that came with this lipstick said "All's fair in love and lipstick." I love them! Personally, I use them as bookmarks. 

You can see here with a sheer coat the lipstick actually looks like a medium pink. I like that this lipstick can be layered for a darker colour or worn sheerly for daytime. 

And that's it for this lip look. Here are just some of the photobooth pictures of the many photobooth pictures we took while we were there:

That's Meghan with me on the left and Sarah on the right.  

Hope you enjoyed this post. Remember, be fearless with your makeup because all's fair in love and lipstick.
Thanks for reading.
-Tash <3

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