Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A Beach Vacation for your Nails!

Hello readers!
In honour of my family vacation coming up in August (Cuba baby!) I thought I'd do a nail post inspired by the beach! I can't wait to just relax on the sand, swim and have some quality time with my cousin (more like sister really) Devika and the rest of my awesome family!
I am so excited for this trip, but it kills me because I know as soon as I get back I'll be depressed because there will only be 3 more weeks until school. Sad life.
Oh well on to the nail polish!
This is one I know my friend Stef has and she loves it.

I love this colour by Essie called "Turquoise & Caicos" (also I love how cute the names of Essie polishes always are). It's a true turquoise blue, creamy finish with no shimmer. 

The polish applies really smoothly. Any imperfections you notice in the pictures are because I'm impatient and also crazy and choose to do my nails at 1 a.m. 
It needs two coats to be opaque, but really what polish doesn't?
It's really bright and fun to wear in the summer. This would be much harder to wear in the winter, in my opinion, so I would suggest picking it up soon and wearing it as much as possible!

Just a Few Things...
  • I finally photographed a few of the posts I've been promising and will have to spend my evening sorting out the photos. 
  • Next planned post is a review comparison of a MAC and Revlon double ended liner!
  • Recently found a wallflower from Bath and Body Works that I bought in the fall/winter. No tag on it so I had no idea what scent it was. Now that it's plugged in, I can definitely tell it's the Creamy Pumpkin scent, which btw is AMAZING! My favourite winter scent from Bath and Body Works that came out last year. It smells like vanilla, cinnamon, with only a little pumpkin and just holiday time goodness.
  • Speaking of Bath and Body Works, I got a whole bunch of stuff for a steal during their Semi Annual Sale! Including the Creamy  Pumpkin scent in a room spray, some body lotion, body wash and a body spray called "Forever Sunshine" that I love so much, it's all I wear now! 
  • I have been wearing next to no makeup because it has been so crazy hot in Toronto. So I apologize for the lack of actual makeup looks posted recently. 
  • Was cleaning out more of my room- I have THREE unopened razors. THREE. One was a Christmas gift and two came with my Luxeboxes. And that's why I love Luxeboxes, saving me money all the time. 
  • Am loving Instagram (tashasingh10) and Pose (natasha.singh) and Tiny Tower (seriously the best game ever) on my iPhone! 

Anyways, as always thanks for reading!
-Tash <3 

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