Thursday, 5 July 2012

Comparison/Review: MAC and Revlon Double-Ended Liners!

Hello again everyone!
I recently picked up a double-ended liner from the MAC Beth Ditto collection and I noticed Revlon has come out with some double-ended liners as well.
I bought one that had similar shades to the one I owned from MAC and as promised- here is my review and comparison!

Top: Revlon "#201 Torch" Smoky Shadow Stick -$8.99
Bottom: MAC "Beth Mask" Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner- $27.50 (ouch).
Both have a pinky-champagne end and a darker brown-plum side. 
Both products are made to be worn alone but can also be worn under powder shadows as a cream base.
Let's start with the MAC double-liner. 

The double-ended liner in "Beth Mask" is a beautiful, creamy liner and shadow duo that came out recently. Both ends glide on really smoothly without tugging on your lid and have great colour payoff. I really like how slim the packaging is and that both caps snap on, so they keep air out which will stop the product from drying out.

One end, the pink side, is angled (which is a little less noticeable because I have used it a lot recently) and the plum side is rounded. I would have preferred the plum side to be angled because it would be easier to use in your crease and as a liner. I would assume most people would use the darker end as the liner and the lighter end as the shadow, right?

This is however one of the best plum-brown cream bases I have ever used. I really enjoy this colour.

Next: the Revlon Smoky Shadow Stick!

You can see the obvious similarities to the MAC version right off the bat. One pink shimmery side, one darker smoky side. I really like how this product glides on effortlessly, just like the MAC. It's much fatter than the MAC version but that doesn't really bother me. What does bother me is the cheap packaging, especially the caps for the liners. They are flimsy and I've had liners with caps like these before and they are VERY prone to breaking. Which really sucks if they do because as mentioned above your product will dry out. They also snap on but it's not a tight fit like the MAC version. And as a personal thing, I don't like that they are clear. They get dirty and the liner smudges are very visible which looks bad. 

The Revlon stick has it right in my opinion, with the darker side being angled and the lighter side being round. This is much more brown than the MAC rather than plum, but it's still a beautiful, rich, dark brown.
Again, I have to say I don't like anything about the packaging of this one. As I was taking a picture of the pink side, the entire brown side fell out! I put it back in and it stuck but I mean, I've only had the product for two weeks, there's no way it should be falling apart.  

To be quite honest, I don't love this side of the Revlon shadow stick. It looks pink in the packaging but as you will see in a swatch it looks very white and ashy on my skin tone. That's not to say however, that it wouldn't look great on lighter skin tones, but you'd have to try it for yourself to really find out I guess.

Top Row: MAC
Bottom Row: Revlon
As you can see in swatches, the pink side of the Revlon stick is very white looking as opposed to pink. I left the swatches on my hand all day, and through plant watering and dish washing, both swatches stayed on really well without smudging.

I really like both products, they both have their pros and cons. Do I think the Revlon is a dupe for the MAC? Absolutely not, they simple aren't similar enough.
Is it a decent product in its own right? Yes, it could be very useful! 
While I love the MAC double-ended liner, both colours and the packaging- $27 is a lot of money. Technically it's $13.50 per side which isn't terrible for MAC, but it's still too much. 
The Revlon Smoky Shadow Stick is a great product that glides on smoothly, and wears well but the packaging is absolutely terrible. There is a great colour selection in these and if you want something like the MAC without the price tag, you could go for these. But be warned, don't expect to take it with you on a night out or travel with them. 
If you have ever tried the CoverGirl Smoky Shadow Blast cream shadow stick things, you know that both the cream product and the packaging was the just horrible. The cream product creased on your eyes in minutes and packaging broke just as fast. Both of these are better options but it depends on what you're looking for and what you're willing to spend. 
Personally I won't be getting anymore of the Revlon Smoky Shadow Sticks because bad packaging is a huge pet peeve of mine. But I won't be getting any more of the MAC Shadow/Liners either because they really are too expensive for what you're getting. For now, I'll still be waiting for drugstore companies to come out with a good cream base in a stick form.
Hope you enjoyed this comparison and review! As always thanks for reading,
-Tash <3

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