Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Review: Revlon Cream Blushes!

Hello friends!
I have a new review on the Revlon Photoready Cream blushes!
They are limited edition with this summer's "Escapism 2012" collection. The collection also included a bronzer, a mascara, some new shades of the ColourBurst lipglosses and some new shades of nail polish.
I did pick up the bronzer as well, but it was only okay for me. I like the product, it's smooth, matte, and makes a great contour colour- however if you're my skin tone or deeper it's probably not your best bet. If you're looking for a good bronzer and you're lighter than me, I would definitely suggest trying it out.

The cream blushes are what I was most excited about. They looked beautiful and were amazing colours for summer time. There are three shades that came out with the collection and of course I picked up all three!

I think the reason I was so excited about this is that cream blushes are an amazing summer time product. It's hot and sticky in the summer and the last thing you want to do is pile on a face powder, a powder bronzer, powder blush and powder highlight. It's ends looking like a cakey mess at the end of the day. But cream blushes look dewy and natural all day without feeling heavy. I was really hoping that these would be a great summer product.

On to the review!

They come in glass pots with a twist off lid. The packaging is really great quality and functional too. I really dislike when containers have extra glass around the bottom to make them look like the have more product (like the ELF cream blushes, if you've ever seen those). These thankfully are not like that, these are compact and have very little extra packaging which makes them great for travel. I also like that the shade name is on the lid and the bottom is clear. So no matter what side you see them first, you always know which colour it is! They are $12.99 each which does sound pricey but you don't need a lot of product per use and speaking as someone who wears makeup often, I've never finished a cream blush so I think they're worth it. 

The first colour in the line is #100 "Pinched" and like I said, it's the least bright/most natural colour.

It's a light peachy nude with some very fine shimmer in it. The shimmer is subtle, not chunky glitter. I heard this colour was not as pigmented as the other two and darker skin tones would not be able to wear it before buying. I highly disagree. I have used this several times and I think it works great even on darker skin. 

Even in a close up the shimmer is hard to see, it just provides a beautiful glow on when worn. 

The next shade in the line #200 "Flushed" is quite a bit brighter than the first one. 

Damn! That's a bright pink. This looks so so scary in the pot. But I promise you it's not nearly that bright on your cheeks and blends out really easily. No shimmer in this one, strictly matte pink colour. 

This is a somewhat cool-toned pink, which is great because I have some warm tones in my skin so they contrast and it helps to balance my face (which is a weird thing to say now that I think about it). 

And lastly, #300 "Coral Reef" which is the brightest/scariest looking shade of the bunch!

Yes, that is wonderfully orange. However just like the pink blush this is a sheer formula that blends easily. So when you wear this, it actually does show up as a coral colour. 

Again, no shimmer in this one. This one has a much warmer tone than the pink one does, which can end up looking kind of red on my skin, so I have to be careful with this one, but it's still beautiful. 


I really enjoy these cream blushes! There are not many good, pigmented cream blushes that come out of the drugstore. The NYC Blushable Cream Sticks are really good, but hard to find. They might seem pricey for the drugstore but they are much cheaper than a high end cream blush and well worth the money. 
The formula of these blushes is hard to explain. It's not quite as heavy as the Blushable Cream Sticks if you've tried those. They feel like a gel-cream hyrbid and they have that silky feeling that comes with silicone products like face primers. They sheer out but not so much that they aren't pigmented and they blend really nicely onto the skin.
Once they set, they aren't sticky or tacky like some cream blushes so they can be worn alone (without a powder blush on top). As for how long lasting they are, I would call them average. Even without a powder blush to set them, they remain their true colour, no fading for at least 5-6 hours which isn't bad in my opinion.
The colours are all really beautiful and I have used them all summer since I got them. 
Final thoughts: because these are limited edition, you should pick some up while they're still in stores because they are very much worth the money!

As always hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!
-Tash <3

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